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Meditation Teacher
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About Me

I was born and raised in Florida, USA. My journey of inner transformation began 16 years ago when I realized that although I seemed successful and happy outwardly, there was something inside me that deeply wanted to find the most meaningful and fulfilling life I could possibly live. The teachings of mystics, shamans, and prophets, living and deceased, began to guide my path. And in 2003, I withdrew from University, where I studied religion and philosophy, and devoted my life to my search for truth.

Instead of a conventional career path, I spent years in spiritual community, and with spiritual teachers, reading books and meditating, doing yoga and going on long contemplative walks, as well as traveling to sacred places around the world, like India, Israel, China, and Hawaii. On my journey, I am very grateful for the teachings of the Diamond Heart Approach as well as the international community of friends in my life connected to the sufi lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan. I now see myself as a student of life, instead of a student of this school or that tradition, and I receive my guidance directly from my heart.

I moved to Switzerland in 2014 to live with my beautiful wife, Linda. And I have been the lucky father of a wonderful little girl, Maria, since June of 2015.

If you want to learn more about me and my work, please visit my website: www.wakefulpresence.com

Transpersonal Coaching


Your soul has an implicit compass that guides your life - your intuition. And everyone has a unique way of experiencing this inner guidance.  


In coaching sessions with me I help you get in touch with your own inner knowing of what you need. My approach is grounded in a fundamental and profound trust that life inherently evolves in the direction of fulfillment. Every moment, life is propelling us forwards on our evolutionary journey.


My work is to help you get in touch with the present moment, and to help you see in which ways you are blocking yourself from the light and love of your soul that are your birthright. Through your breath, your body, and your feelings, I help you contact your immediate felt experience in the now. With wakeful presence we can allow whatever is going on in you to unfold, express itself, be understood, heal, and be realized. My perspective, intuition, and life experience hold the space.

Sessions^duration: 75 minutes

Cost: 120

To make an appointment please contact me 


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