Yvonne Cheah
Esalen Massage Therapist
078 621 25 29

About Esalen Massage

Esalen Massage technique integrates a combination of very slow and long strokes massage on the entire body along with some passive movements of the joints. There is precise structural work on the muscles, deep connective tissue work, very gentle rocking & stretching of the body whilst encouraging deep breathing and energy balance for the client.


The complete awareness and presence of the masseur during the entire session brings a unique experience of relaxation for both parties.


About Me


Currently working 90% a week in an office environment, I practice Esalen Massage to contribute to a work-life balance. I began learning the technique in 2015 whilst recovering from a lower-back slipped disc injury. During this time, I also practiced some simple Yoga exercises, which helped my recovery.


My motivation is aimed at helping individuals to achieve a total mind-body relaxation. I use organic and good quality oil, with Jojoba as a base.


Please feel free to contact me for a session and experience at least an hour of relaxation and tapping into your own body awareness.


Language: English

Duration of Massage: 90 minutes (Normal)


Fee (Qualified Esalen Massage Practitioner)      :-               CHF 110 (60 minutes)

                                                                                   :-               CHF 160 (90 minutes)